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Outer dimension:(mm) Inner dimension:(mm) Front door size Total power
7000×5200×3250 6900×3900×2650 3000(w)*2600(h) 8kw
The room body system
Wallboard: EPS insulation board, wall thickness of 50 mm, choi steel thickness of 0.376 mm, using bending galvanized steel roof assembly; Platform: is made of galvanized steel plate, rust prevention processing steel structure assembled, room body frames: fixed spray door frame adopts steel structure, building frame is made of galvanized steel plate fixation; Get on slope: the configuration of two gratings, three pattern plate and two 600 mm wide on slope.
Air circulation system Two double inlet air centrifugal blower rotor, total air output: 10000 m3 / h; Supply air tank by spraying material, made of galvanized steel plate;  Lateral aspirant wind, exhaust duct by high quality galvanized steel, with wind speed: 0.3 m/s; Ventilation rate: 260 time/h.
Purification system
At the top of the high efficiency imported three-dimensional spraying collodion (VF - 600), effective dust filter is more than 10 microns.
Heating system Burner: BT14 type, the maximum heat of 140000 kcal. Each vehicle fuel consumption for 5-7 kg/services cancelled, heating speed: 5-8 min (20 to 60 ℃);
Heat exchange
Use 1.5 mm thick high-quality stainless steel SUS304 argon arc welding, rational structure, safe and reliable, large heat transfer area, high heat utilization efficiency. Spray paint status to manually switch
Lighting system Side at the top of the building to install lighting chy-tech, top side chy-tech 45 ° Angle of installation, is composed of 24 36 watts Philip lamp, indoor light more than 800 lux.
Electric control system
The main loop of the electric control is made of high quality electronic components assembly, is equipped with multiple protection. Is equipped with lighting switch, temperature, time setting, spray paint, spray paint of constant temperature, normal temperature switch of the lacquer that bake, fault alarm, etc.
Waste gas treatment Straight line: green ark is optional 

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