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Why Choose an European Style Car Bench Equipment?

1. The Chassis liner car bench advantages:

1). movable wheel design or the ground embedded flush type design, you can save more space for your sheet metal workshop.
2). Quick and efficient diagnosis of structural damage
3). In-one functions for fast lock automatic bench tilting, lifting.
4). Light alloy pedals is covered with bench,suitable for various vehicle width
5). Multifunctional alloy pedals make repair more convenient;
6). Platform adjustable working height from 120-1480mm,easy to repair the roof area.
7). High quality chain and forged sheet metal tools are easy and convenient to operate with long service life.

What types of car bench Smithde can offer?

                                             K6                                                                          K8

                   K9 BLUE AND YELLOW                                                   K9 RED AND WHITE

                                                                           K7 BLUE & WHITE

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