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SPRAY PAINTING BOOTH has been advocated through out industry as the most efficient method of filtering paint over spray. At the same time it effectively prevents in over spray from reaching the surrounding area.
SPRAY PAINTING BOOTH are used to increase efficiency of operator, reduce dust problems, reduce over spray problems, paint dust, increase corrosion resistance of the product to be painted. SPRAY BOOTH also plays a big role in removal of waste spray paint and the sludge formed by it. 
Painting in SPRAY PAINTING BOOTH provides the highest quality in all kinds of painting application. Our SPRAY PAINTING BOOTHS are for every kind of business, all kind of components and different products. Our PAINT BOOTH can meet all your requirements. 
The SPRAY PAINTING BOOTH is on simple construction, easy to install and maintain. Normally Paint Booths are made of mild steel components (Value addition can be done by all stainless steel components), it also consists of a highly efficient exhaust blower or blowers to throw thinner in higher altitudes of air. 
A SPRAY PAINTING BOOTH is also termed as PAINT EXHAUST SYSTEM, SPRAY PAINTING BOOTH, PAINTING BOOTH etc. Even though the names are different the purpose is the same, i.e., to eliminate over spray and keep a healthy surrounding.

Why you need spray booth ?

LAW :   There is a statutory requirement under the Factories Act that adequate ventilation be installed wherever spray painting is carried out.
SAFETY : Spraying paint may involve fire risk from both solvent and over spray deposits. A spray booth is essential to dispose off both.
POLLUTION : The air exhausted from the paint shop must be clean of paint as much possible. Only an efficient spray booth will ensure this and prevent pollution from the atmosphere.



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